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  1. After sometime of doing the research and getting my courage to start recording content for YouTube, I’m pleased to launch a new YouTube Channel called: Power Platform Clinic ( This channel is dedicated to answer questions from the community with a content that I hope to be clear enough and helpful for the broader community … Continue reading Launching a new YouTube Channel: Power Platform Clinic
  2. As Microsoft just recently applied the latest update 2020 wave 1 to our instances, which includes an update to the editor to the notes section. Previously, it was using a plain text editor where spelling checker from the browser can interact with it. With the new rich text editor, when you right click the incorrect … Continue reading Spelling Checker in the new Editors of Unified Interface
  3. I’ve been recently helping a colleague of mine that has a need to change the SharePoint Document Location’s relative URL, as the folder of the record needs to be renamed. With Unified Interface you will not be able to change the document location from the form that opened up via Advanced Find. You’ll see it … Continue reading Quick Tip: Updating SharePoint Document Location in Unified Interface
  4. So, after learning on how to make a PCF control from my previous learning experience. I decided to look for other controls that I can work on. One of them is the TinyMCE/Rich Text Editor control. I noticed that there is another RTE editor in However, one of my need is to convert them … Continue reading New PCF – TinyMCE Rich Text Editor
  5. First of all, credit to Sankal Bansal on his New Zealand Version of the similar control with the same provider. I was recently working on a specific task to implement a new Address Autocomplete/Validation solution. So, the selected validation/provider was AddressFinder. This API provider provides quite extensive information that the typical Australian addresses need (GNAF … Continue reading My First PCF Control: AddressFinder Australian Addresses
  6. Finally, after quite hectic months with all big events are happening in Melbourne, Australia & Globally (Dynamics 365 Saturday, UG Summit and Global Hackathon), I’m going to finalise this series of authentication with Dynamics 365 Portal or should we call it PowerApps Portal now 😉 So, without further ado, here are some tips & tricks … Continue reading Dynamics 365 Portal – Authentication Deep Dive (Part 4) – Tips & Tricks
  7. In the previous post, we have discussed how to configure Azure AD B2C using the Open ID Connect method. One of the challenges that I had in my past experience is that the client has a strict requirement of data residency, due to the sensitivity of their business. Therefore, they are considering some 3rd party … Continue reading Dynamics 365 Portal – Authentication Deep Dive (Part 3) – Using the Third Party Auth Providers
  8. The second part of the series of the blog post is to leverage the Microsoft Azure AD capability to deliver the authentication capability for the Dynamics 365 Portal. There are 2 parts of the Azure AD that we can use depending on the audience: Internal-facing Portal: Azure AD External-facing Portal: Azure AD B2C Now, let’s … Continue reading Dynamics 365 Portal – Authentication Deep Dive (Part 2) – Using the Microsoft Azure AD
  9. I’ve been recently deployed a quite complex Dynamics 365 portal solution involving a custom authentication provider and other features such as Power BI Embedded and SharePoint integration. In this series, I’ll discuss in more detail about the authentication side based on my lesson learned out of this challenge to get them working properly. My plan … Continue reading Dynamics 365 Portal – Authentication Series (Part 1) – The Basics
  10. Microsoft product team just shared the latest update for Unified Interface in the October 2018 release. This is important especially for those who have started embracing Unifed Interface in their organisations. Note: These Unified Interface updates were not highlighted in the October Release Notes and there is no official article/documentation that stating this yet. Overall, … Continue reading Update to the Unified Interface in the October 2018 Release
  11. Recently I’ve been experimenting with Microsoft Flow and its counterpart, Logic Apps. A thing that I noticed could become a game changer in designing a business solution these days is that Microsoft Flow can be turned into an API engine. In my example, I’m going to create a very simple API to send a message to … Continue reading Leveraging Microsoft Flow to be your API Engine – Low Code Approach
  12. Microsoft just announced the October’18 Release Notes from the last week’s Business Application Summit conference at Seattle. The first question that might come up is: Why October, aren’t we still in July and October is still 3 months away? The answer is in response to the recent blog announcement about the way Microsoft Dynamics 365 … Continue reading Business Apps. October ’18 Release Highlights
  13. Today I encountered a very weird error when I’m working with my team to create a very simple workflow, on a status update, if the status is equal to a specific status, create a task that is assigned to a specific team. However, we can’t proceed due to a very strange reason: This is the … Continue reading Troubleshooting: “There is no active transaction” Error.
  14. Today I learned a new thing about ExecuteMultipleRequest within Dynamics 365 plugins and/or custom workflow activities. The following article: suggested that we should avoid any usage of Batch Request in server-side codes. Background story My colleague reported that when he is using ExecuteMultipleRequest within the plugin, it is throwing an SQL Timeout error, while he changed … Continue reading TIL: Do not use ExecuteMultipleRequest in Dynamics 365 Plugins/CWA
  15. Recently I’ve been exploring the power of Microsoft Business Application Platform. One of the most common requirements that I think we can solve in the Low Code Approach is the scheduled report. For this example, I’m going to use this example user story to describe the scheduled report requirement: As a sales manager, I want … Continue reading Microsoft Flow: Creating Dynamics 365 Scheduled Report – Low Code Approach
  16. Some time ago, I published a blog post about a tip about using Security Group in Dynamics 365 Online Deployment. And I’ve got a feedback from one of my colleagues where the security group is not allocating the users properly. So, I investigated the behaviour with my colleague and found an interesting setup. TL;DR; version: … Continue reading Gotcha: Don’t Use Nested Security Group
  17. The feature of Security Group in the Dynamics 365 Online deployment has been there for a while. However, I often find either people do not understand it correctly or this feature is not being considered as an important “checklist item” for a smooth deployment. So, in this post I will share some reasons on why … Continue reading Dynamics 365 Online Deployment Tips: Set Your Security Group!
  18. Recently, I had a tricky question: Can you create a view that is displaying records that are either owned by a team or the users that are a member of that particular team. EDIT: Jonas Rapp provides a feedback to get more efficient with his tool 😉 The TL;DR; Answer Use “Alias” + FetchXML editing using … Continue reading FetchXML Trick – Cross Entity Criteria in a Group Filter
  19. Recently, I’m working on a demo that I need to skin the Dynamics 365 portal to have a look and feel based on the client’s theme. One of the pages is the dashboard/landing page that showing some charts. Let say the URL of the page is called “Dashboard”. It’s showing up the chart nicely. However, … Continue reading Dynamics 365 Portal – When the Custom CSS won’t load.
  20. Recently I spent some time working on Virtual Entities, one of the new features in Dynamics 365 v9.0. To learn more about Virtual Entities, you can read the official documentation here and how to set it up here. In this post, I would like to share my tips and findings working with Virtual Entities and connecting … Continue reading Just Some Tips Working with Virtual Entities
  21. I’m continuing the hidden gems series of the Dynamics 365 v9.0. Today’s topic is about the UI/UX Configuration that is introduced in the Dynamics 365 v9.0. This is not about the “Hub” features that you can use the custom control, that would be a separate topic on the unified client. The configuration options that I’m … Continue reading Dynamics 365 v9.0 Hidden Gems – #2 Configurations for a better UX
  22. The Dynamics 365 v9.0 for the online deployment has become available since a few days ago. I believe we are all excited with this new release. There are major improvements in a lot of areas such as the unified client (a.k.a refreshed UI and great potential ahead), platform enhancements (Virtual Entities, Microsoft Flow integration directly … Continue reading Dynamics 365 v9.0 Hidden Gems – #1 Autonumber
  23. A colleague of mine recently mentioned that one of our clients is complaining about the script errors that keep pop-ing up. It happens even on a new sandbox instance. This issue seems to be a classic recurring theme for everyone. So, I would share it here as a “reminder” for myself as well. First, as an … Continue reading Hide the Dynamics 365 script error pop-ups
  24. A quick disclaimer: this article is based on the preview program where the actual might differs. Last week, I spent some more time watching again the recording of the Executive Briefing for Dynamics 365 July 2017 Preview Program. There is a massive load of good content and updates to Dynamics 365 in this next release. … Continue reading What matters with the Dynamics 365 v9.0
  25. We, at Barhead has just started our Microsoft Teams journey earlier this month. One thing that we noticed is that by default of standard installation every date/time formatting are in US format. Below is a sample of conversation log between me and my colleague. The conversation was happening a few weeks ago, which is still in … Continue reading Microsoft Teams: Tips to Change Date/Time Format
  26. Today, I passed the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales exam (MB2-717). So, I just would like to share the preparation tips that I’ve done to get this certification nailed down. I came from technical background, so this exam is slightly tougher for me to prepare 🙂 Note: As usual, you will not find any question that … Continue reading Tips to Prepare for the Dynamics 365 exam – MB2-717: Sales
  27. After a few weeks of planning, from the UG Committee, we are pleased to have our Melbourne Dynamics 365 User Group YouTube channel up and running. Special thanks to Sahan Wijayasekera who recorded and provided the equipment during the day! Our YouTube channel will consist of the recording of the UG sessions and we hope … Continue reading Melbourne Dynamics 365 User Group YouTube Channel
  28. Recently I passed the Microsoft Dynamics 365 exam on Customization & Configuration (MB2-716). I just would like to share the preparation tips that I’ve done to get this certification nailed down. Note: You will not find any question that related to the exam here and I won’t give you any of it, as it is … Continue reading Tips to prepare for the Dynamics 365 exam – MB2-716: Customization and Configuration
  29. Today, when I navigate to edit one of the Dynamics 365 Online instances, I just noticed a new section that is available on my trial instance: “database encryption settings” So, what can you do with this shiny new feature? Based on the official documentation for this feature from Microsoft: The manage keys feature lets you … Continue reading Managing Dynamics 365 Online Encryption Key
  30. This is another finding from deploying Dynamics 365 PSA. So, during the testing phase, I noticed the test user account could not see WBS link under project entity. The copied security role assigned to the test user has complete (Create, Read, Write, Delete, Append, Append To, Share and Assign) to Project and Project Task entity. The security role was … Continue reading Dynamics 365 PSA – I can’t see WBS? What’s wrong with my security role?
  31. Currently I’m in a project where our team is going to roll out Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation for one of our customers. Throughout the project, we’ve learned a lot about this new cool kid on the block 🙂 Some gotchas/lesson learned when we are rolling out this to the customer: Choose Project Template carefully. … Continue reading Lesson Learned from PSA Deployment
  32. Last week I posted my gotcha around Dynamics 365 Outlook App. This weekend I noticed a notification on my phone to update the Outlook app to the latest version. What surprises me is the availability of the long waiting add-ins feature that has been demoed in the Dynamics 365 launching. The following article mentioned about … Continue reading iOS Outlook Add-ins is now available!
  33. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a shiny new Outlook App. In this post, I won’t discuss the functionality of this Outlook App (for the information about functionality, please use the following article: One of the first pre-requisite of the new Dynamics 365 Outlook App is to enable the server-side sync ( Once the server-side sync … Continue reading Gotchas on Dynamics 365 Outlook App Deployment
  34. Prior to the release of Dynamics 365, we are helped a lot by XrmToolbox to edit the sitemap without the need of editing the sitemap XML manually. However, with the release of Dynamics 365, it seems the plugin for XrmToolbox doesn’t support the editing of Dynamics 365 sitemap (given now it is possible for a Dynamics … Continue reading Editing Sitemap in Dynamics 365
  35. It seems the wait is over for CRM On-Premise customers to get the latest update of Dynamics 365 (Re-branding seems to cause confusions to some of us). Download link: This version is 8.2, which is the same base version to the current version on the cloud version. The following components are now available for download: … Continue reading Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) Is Released
  36. Recently I worked on a demo to showcase Dynamics 365 Service (case management) capability. One of the feature that I would like to show is the case routing functionality. I’ve created a simple rule, let say IF the case type = product enquiry, assign the owner to Product team. So, I tried the rule by … Continue reading When Case Routing is not Working, Check the Team Security Role
  37. In the previous part of this series, we have seen the sample implementation and how the code is running against a CRM Online instance. In this post I will show on how to deploy the chat bot to the supported channels. As illustrated above, the built bot has the capability to be deployed to multiple channels … Continue reading CRM Chat Bot: Part 4 – Deployment & Action!
  38. In the part 2 of the series, we have discussed on the concept of how the Bot Framework library is used to assist us building conversational bot. As promised in the previous post, I’m going to share the source code on how the bot framework can be integrated with Dynamics CRM. The Story Now, to … Continue reading CRM Chat Bot: Part 3 – Development Deep Dive + Integration To Dynamics CRM
  39. In the Part 1 of this series we have explored on how to configure the development environment and run the Bot Framework template to get the “Hello World” kind of reply from the Bot. Now in this part, I would like to discuss about the development concept of Bot Framework. Behind the scene Bot Framework … Continue reading CRM Chat Bot: Part 2 – Microsoft Bot Framework Development Concept
  40. Microsoft quite recently announced the Microsoft Bot Framework on Build Conference 2016. Below is the overview of the vision of Bot Framework from Microsoft: The Microsoft Bot Framework provides everything you need to build and connect your bots to your users wherever they converse – from SMS to Office 365 mail to Slack and more… … Continue reading CRM Chat Bot: Part 1 – Getting Started with Microsoft Bot Framework
  41. Microsoft just announced CRM Ideas portal: Previously the way we submit our feedback/ideas is through Microsoft Connect: However it seems this site might not be known well and the user experience on that site is not as good as the new portal. The new portal seems to be based on AdxStudio, from the profile management … Continue reading CRM Ideas, Let your ideas listened
  42. I just recently re-opened my XrmToolBox to do some Sitemap modification and found out some new plugins are available on the XrmToolBox plugin store. One of it is Ribbon Workbench 2016 beta by Scott Durow. My first test run on my solution showing that the 2016 version is much quicker compared to the Silverlight-based version … Continue reading Ribbon Workbench 2016 beta on XrmToolBox
  43. Microsoft has suggested developers to start using the new Web API to develop new custom development. As they are planning to deprecate the 2011 endpoints sometime after CRM version 9 (We are on version 8 now!). Ref: So, I’ve embraced the Web API in my new projects for javascript codes. Typically I would use CRM Rest … Continue reading Gotcha Working with Dynamics CRM Web API: Grammar..
  44. I just recently spun up a new trial instance for practice purpose and noticed a slight difference on the notification bar. Out of curiosity I checked the CRM version, and… My new trial instance is running version 8.1! Looking forward to test what has been announced previously: Exciting times ahead!
  45. The CRM Support team recently released a new tool to diagnose Dynamics CRM Online connectivity issue. The initial CRM Online scenario is for CRM Outlook Client configuration issues.  This diagnostic can detect issues related to CRM Outlook Client install, configuration, and can also detect and fix a disabled CRM add-in with the click of a … Continue reading CRM Online diagnostic with SaRA (Support and Recovery Assistant)
  46. With the recent updates of Web API in Dynamics CRM 2016 it seems like this RESTful API will be the future of Dynamics CRM API. One of the drawback of REST API is the absence of the service client creation out of WSDL (Ref: For developers who are coming from C# background, we are comfortable with … Continue reading Json2csharp Converter
  47. This is a quick post. As recently I just registered for a new CRM Online trial instance for customer demo. I just noticed that there is a new tab called “Service Health” under the CRM Online Admin Center. This feature is not that comprehensive yet, but is a good starting point to see on what … Continue reading CRM Online: Service Health Per Instance
  48. XrmToolBox by Tanguy Touzard is my go to tool for lots of Dynamics CRM related productivity. It comes with lots of plugins that is an accumulative effort of the Dynamics CRM community. Recently I’m working on a project on CRM Online 2016 with multiple instances (a couple of sandboxes and one production environment). The Dec 2015 version … Continue reading Workaround for XrmToolBox (v1.2016.2.28) Connecting to CRM Online with Multiple Instances
  49. I recently found out that there is a way to extend the Dynamics CRM trial instance for another 30 days without the need of logging a support ticket. On your Office 365 Admin Portal (, navigate to Billing > Subscriptions > Select the trial product to be extended > Click on Extend link at the … Continue reading Extending CRM Online Trial Without Support Ticket
  50. Dynamics CRM 2016 comes with enhancement to the solution mechanism. The most favourite part of it is the patching and cloning, for more information about this, you can see Magnetism Team blog’s here. Well, apart from the fancy feature above, now as system customizer/developer, we have a granular option of the entity on what we are … Continue reading Dynamics CRM 2016 Solution: Flexibility in adding your existing entity!