Microsoft Dynamics Crm Tip Of The Day

Daily smörgåsbord of finest Microsoft Power Platform & Dynamics 365 tips and tricks
  1. Today’s tip is from Amey “Anything But Code” Holden. You can drop your priceless tip into our tipping jar too, thank you very much! I (Amey, not me – t.j.) often see users struggle with the confusing behaviour of lookups in model-driven apps. Typical sketch from an average week of consulting with model-driven apps looks […]
  2. From time to time you may be forced to deal with JSON objects in Power Automate that contain duplicate property names. Consider this object, for example: To make this object maker-friendly, the common approach is to use Parse JSON action and derive schema from the data itself. When done, maker can use properties as dynamic […]
  3. Love the tips from Linn because they are short and precise. Unlike me, he does not beat around the bush and goes for jugular: “if you need X do Y or go home”. Today’s tip is no exception even though I know bupkis about Project Ops. When the new Time Entry is created in Dynamics 365 […]
  4. If you think that the title looks suspiciously close to Tip #1378: Update Common Data Service user photo from Office 365 profile, you’d be absolutely right. Why? Because historically Power Platform is renowned for two traits: renaming things and changing behaviors of those things. I’ve taken care of the former by replacing Dataflex Common Data […]
  5. When developers like Mike! start their sentence with “this is probably really simple”, you know that it rarely is. (No idea why he’s so excited about his name though, I suspect there is some math flex in here). This is probably really simple, but anyone know how I would add an index to an array […]
  6. Is there any way to export automatically or with a script a list of all the Dataverse tables in an organisation? From our good friend Shan McArthur came a multilayer answer (narrated and illustrated by The Enabler): One: We have a virtual entity called entities that will give you a list of all entities in […]
  7. I really like mini truck stops when two or more MVPs brainstorm a random problem, usually because they are bored 😈. Help me understand scenarios where one would use a guid() expression in flow when creating new rows. Antti Pajunen What Antti left out was (reasonably) common wisdom that explicitly setting identifiers for new records […]
  8. EDIT: Added range method. Thanks Natraj Yegnaraman for fixing my brain fart! When makers need a loop with a counter in Power Automate, say from 1 to 20 (or 0 to 19 for all of you developers out there), the immediate reaction I’ve observed is to reach for a gun variable: You don’t have to […]
  9. You didn’t think I was waffling about replacing triggers in Power Automate flows for no reason, did you? Not once but twice, in fact. The technique of painlessly replacing triggers is more like a kata before you master the art of breaking bricks with your head 🧱🤕. Enter the world of solutions where nine out […]
  10. By now you know not to trust triggers and recapture their output in the step immediately after the trigger. That way you fix only one step when trigger is replaced. Do not use trigger output beyond the first step in your flow Sulking Enabler But do you want more? Do you want to keep the […]