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  1. Recently while using Delay until property of the trigger, in one of the flows, we got the below error “Unable to process template language expressions for trigger ‘When_a_row_is_added,_modified_or_deleted’ at line ‘1’ and column ‘16344’: ‘In the template language function ‘convertToUtc’, the value provided for the time zone id ‘Gulf Standard Time’ was not valid. ‘.” … Continue reading "Fixed – Unable to process template language expressions for trigger. In the template language function ‘convertToUtc’, the value provided for the time zone id ‘Gulf Standard Time’ was not valid while using Delay Until property– Power Automate"
  2. While testing a cloud flow in Power Automate, for one of the actions, we got the below error Unable to process template language expressions in action ‘Update_a_row’ inputs at line ‘0’ and column ‘0’: ‘Template language expression cannot be evaluated: the template action ‘Do_until’ is not defined at current scope.’. We were getting the error … Continue reading "Fixed – Invalid template. Unable to process template language expressions in action. Template language expression cannot be evaluated: the template action is not defined in the current scope (Power Automate)"
  3. Recently while configuring Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse, for exporting data to Azure Data Lake we got the below error – {“code”:”AuthorizationFailed”,”message”:”The client ‘abc’ with object id ‘d56d5fbb-0d46-4814-afaa-e429e5f252c8’ does not have authorization to perform action ‘Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments/write’ over scope ‘/subscriptions/30ed4d5c-4377-4df1-a341-8f801a7943ad/resourceGroups/RG/providers/Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/saazuredatalakecrm/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments/2eb81813-3b38-4b2e-bc14-f649263b5fcf’ or the scope is invalid. If access was recently granted, please refresh your credentials.”} As well … Continue reading "Fixed – Authorization failed. The client with object id does not have authorization to perform action ‘Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments/write’ over scope ‘/subcriptions’ while configuring Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse"
  4. While trying to cast a tab from Chrome Browser on Windows to Android  TV, we started getting the below error. “Available for specific video sites” Casting was working properly from the android phone, infect even from the chrome browser it had been working properly earlier As it turned out, setting the system’s date /time correctly … Continue reading "Fixed –Available for specific video sites error- Chromecast in Windows 10 / 11"
  5. Originally posted on Ajit Patra:
    Recently, we were working on a requirement to send PDF as an attachment in email on click of a custom ribbon button on Lead record. More details here:D365: Generate Word Document using Content Control, save to SharePoint and convert to pdf using?PowerAutomateD365: Download SharePoint document, attach to Email using PowerAutomate…
  6. Recently in one of our projects, where we were using the auto number attribute (with sequential numbers), we realized that it gets incremented even in case of an exception thrown during Pre Stage of the Plugin Execution. We were assuming the number gets incremented only after the record gets created i.e. on post-stage. But as … Continue reading "Autonumber field values in case of exception in Dynamics 365 / CRM"
  7. Originally posted on Carina M. Claesson:
    Recently MVP Jonas Rapp was invited by MVP Victor Dantas to the Zero to Hero show. The FetchXML Builder creator held the session FetchXML Builder from Zero to Hero. I listened in and afterwards I felt inspired to write this post to share a few tips and tricks that…
  8. Recently while creating a Dynamics 365 Trial,, we were getting the below error, during the verification step “Sorry, we need additional information to verify your identity. Please Contact Support”             This error could be related to the same phone number being used multiple times to create the Dynamics 365 … Continue reading "Fixed – Sorry, we need additional information to verify your identity. Please Contact Support error while creating Dynamics 365 Trial"
  9. Recently while trying to delete some of the Queue (Advanced Queue) in our case, we were getting the below error. You can’t delete this queue because it has items assigned to it. Assign these items to another user/team, or queue and try again. We checked and there were no queue items assigned to that queue. … Continue reading "Fixed – You can’t delete this queue because it has items assigned to it – Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub / CRM"
  10. Originally posted on Temmy Wahyu Raharjo:
    Do you know we can pass the?partitionID?parameter when doing CRUD to improve performance??The information I got from this documentation link. Today we will prove how what is the difference between using the?partitionID?and not using it. To collect the data, I’ll run below code: using System; using System.Web.Configuration; using Entities;…
  11. We recently wanted to create user accounts in CRM for managing users and their roles inside CRM, without accessing any of the data or functionality. Below are the steps we can follow to achieve the same – Login to Microsoft 365 Admin Center Add a user Temporarily assign the license to the user In … Continue reading "How to – Create Administrative User Account for managing user / security roles, in Dynamics 365 / CRM"
  12. To enable quick sharing of the read-only link of the records to any users within the organization, log in to Power Platform Admin Center Select the Environment > Settings > Privacy + Security Switch On the Enable Sharing option This option currently works on the Contact, Account, Opportunity, and Case table. It enables the option … Continue reading "How to – Share read-only links to records with any user in your organization – Dynamics 365 / CRM (Dataverse)"
  13. Recently one of the users, while accessing a few of the System User’s views, was getting the below error. You do not have prvReadmsdyn_personasecurityrolemapping permission to access Persona Security Role Mapping records. Contact your Microsoft Dynamics 365 administrator for help. There were a few System users’ views that were working fine. The user had the … Continue reading "Fixed – You do not have prvReadmsdyn_personasecurityrolemapping permission to access Persona Security Role Mapping records. Contact your Microsoft Dynamics 365 administrator for help"
  14. At times we would assign or update the licenses and roles assigned to the users in Microsoft 365 Admin Center, and these changes would take time to reflect inside the Dynamics 365 applications. A background system process takes care of synchronizing the user state in Azure AD to the System User table in Dataverse. However, … Continue reading "How to – Use Refresh Option to force user state synchronization in Power Platform Admin Center – Dynamics 365 / CRM"
  15. Recently while trying to login into Microsoft Teams we got the below error – As suggested in the different articles – we didn’t find any Teams Account Credentials to be removed. Windows update also didn’t fix the issue. Neither updating the driver from Devic Manager.               Creating EnableADAL key … Continue reading "Fixed – Trusted Platform Module has malfunctioned, with Error Code 80090030 in Microsoft Teams"
  16. Recently we were getting the below pop up in Windows every time after restart. The fix was to Disconnect the work / school account. Navigate to Accounts è Access work or school Click on Disconnect the work or school acount. That fixed the issue for us. Hope it helps..  
  17. With recent security enhancements in Customer engagement apps, the maximum user session timeout of 24 hours is removed. Now it uses the Azure AD Session Policy to manage user session timeout, which by default has Azure AD refresh token expiration set as 90 days. Refresh toke lifetime and expiration – Use Configuring … Continue reading "Security Enhancements – 24 hours maximum user session timeout in Dynamics 365 / CRM"
  18. Unified Routing can be configured in Customer Service Hub or Omnichannel Admin Center. To configure it for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, navigate to Service Management >> Service Configuration Settings >> Unified routing (requires Tenant administrator’s consent – click on Provide Consent link) Accept the permissions requested and provide the consent. In case unified routing remains … Continue reading "How to – Provision Unified Routing in Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub"
  19. Suppose we want to Test & Enable Mailbox of the below user programmatically. We can see the below notification for the disabled mailbox. This mailbox is disabled for email processing. For more information, see the alerts. Below is the sample code – On running the code, we can see the notification removed and the mailbox … Continue reading "Sample Code to Test and Enable Mailbox programmatically C# (Dynamics 365/CRM)"
  20. Suppose we want to Approve the Email for the mailbox of the user(s) programmatically. We’d see the below notification for the user whose mailbox is not yet approved. Email won’t be processed for this mailbox until the email address of the mailbox is approved by an Office 365 Global Administrator or by an Exchange Administrator. … Continue reading "Sample Code to Approve Email – Mailbox programmatically C# (Dynamics 365/CRM)"
  21. In the previous post, we saw how we can create a user filter (outlook) for a particular user and apply the same to other users through Sync Filter Manager – XrmToolBox plugin. In this post, we’d achieve the same through System View. Here we have created below System View on Tasks entity/table. The Created … Continue reading "How to – Stop Synchronization of Task / Appointment through System View using Sync Filter Manager"
  22. In the earlier posts we saw how synchronization works for different activities type and how to work with user as well as system filters. In this post, we will how to use the wonderful Sync Filter Manager (XrmToolBox Plugin) for managing the outlook filters. Suppose we don’t want Tasks to be synced … Continue reading "How to – Stop synchronization of Task / Appointment between Dynamics 365 and Outlook"
  23. With 2022 Release Wave 1, we have a small enhancement in the user interface inside the BPF path line’s color contrast. With 2022 Release Wave 1 turned off– With 2022 Release Wave 1 – the path that needs to be followed is shown now in a slightly darker shade, making it easy for an agent … Continue reading "Business Process Flow UI Improvement in Dynamics 365 / CRM"
  24. We covered a few Synchronization topics in the last few blogs, here we will look at defining system filters to manage which records could be synced. How to – Synchronize Appointments between Dynamics 365 and Outlook using Server-Side Synchronization How are tasks, letters, fax, phone call synchronized between Dynamics 365 and Outlook We can see few default … Continue reading "How to – Define System Filters for Synchronization using SavedQuery in Dynamics 365 / CRM"
  25. In the previous post, we saw how Appointment Synchronization works, for other activity entities the  is more or less similar. How to – Synchronize Appointments between Dynamics 365 and Outlook using Server-Side Synchronization Below is the list of activity entities that are synced by default (we cannot configure custom entities for sync) Let us start by … Continue reading "How are tasks, letters, fax, phone call synchronized between Dynamics 365 and Outlook"
  26. Appointments, Contacts, Fax, letters, Tasks, etc. entities can be synced both ways between Dynamics 365 and Outlook. This setting is configurable. Navigate to System Settings >> Synchronization tab Click on Synchronized Fields. It lists down all the entities there. We can define the synchronization direction by clicking on the arrow of the attribute for a … Continue reading "How to – Synchronize Appointments between Dynamics 365 and Outlook using Server-Side Synchronization"
  27. Let us take a simple example to understand how we can upload files to the file column through SSIS Package + KingswaySoft’s Integration Toolkit. Here we have a File Column defined for the Contact Entity. This is what our final package looks like – Our SSIS package will pick up the contact’s email, file path, … Continue reading "How to – Upload files to File Column / Attribute using SSIS – KingswaySoft (Dynamics 365/ CRM)"
  28. Let us take a simple example to understand how we can download files from the file column using SSIS Package + KingswaySoft’s Integration Toolkit. Here we have a File Column defined for Contact Entity. Our SSIS package will run on all the contact records and will extract the file from the records to one of … Continue reading "How to – Download files from File Column / Attribute using SSIS – KingswaySoft (Dynamics 365/ CRM)"
  29. Sharing a sample code, we can use to upload a file to the File Column Also read – File Attribute Here we would upload the below file to one of the contact records. For file size more than 4 MB we need to implement chunking and combine the data before committing. On calling … Continue reading "How to – Upload File to File Column using InitializeFileBlocksUpload and UploadBlock Request (Dynamics 365/ CRM)"
  30. Sharing a sample code which we can use to download the file from the File Column Also read – File Attribute Here we would download the below file uploaded to one of the contact records. The sample code – On calling the method – We can see the file downloaded at the location specified … Continue reading "How to – Download File from File Column using InitializeFileBlocksDownload and DownloadBlock Request (Dynamics 365/ CRM / Dataverse)"
  31. Recently while exploring Customer Service Workspace we could not see the presence being loaded for the users. The first thing we need to check here is if the user has either the Omnichannel Agent / Supervisor role or Customer Service Representative role assigned. (it will not load even if you are a system admin or … Continue reading "Fixed – User Presence not working – Customer Service Workspace / Omnichannel (Dynamics 365/CRM)"
  32. Check out the Mind Map for the 2022 Release Wave 1 Power Platform by Khoa Nguyen
  33. Recently while trying to provision Unified Routing from Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub in one of our trial environments (Service Management >> Service Configuration >> Unified Routing – Turn on unified routing.), even after providing the consent multiple times (by clicking on Provide consent, with Global Admin role) it kept coming as disabled and kept … Continue reading "Solved – Disabled Turn on unified routing option in Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub"
  34. In the previous post, we saw how to use Field Level Security and JavaScript to disable field/column in the Editable Grid Control. How to – Disable / Read Only fields in Editable Grid control (Dynamics 365 / CRM) – Nishant Rana’s Weblog We can also use Business Rules to achieve the same. Here we will … Continue reading "How to – Use Business Rules to Disable / Read-only fields in Editable Grid (Dynamics 365 / CRM)"
  35. Originally posted on D CRM Explorer:
    ? There is nothing painful when you are coding something which is related to some URL and a one line message appears. What Now ? select error and hit google !! and juggling between website to understand whats this means. I found this old text file when I was looking…
  36. Say for e.g. we have a requirement to make a certain field or column in the Editable Grid as read-only. Here we have enabled Editable Grid control for Contact table. Below are the 2 ways of achieving it – Here we are taking the email field as an example. Field level security – We have … Continue reading "How to – Disable / Read Only fields in Editable Grid control (Dynamics 365 / CRM)"
  37. Recently we saw File usage for one of the environments reaching around 68 GB. We managed to bring it down to around 10 GB or so by (Microsoft Support quickly helped us by sharing the required details here) Deleting the System Job of Type Workflow with Status as Successful. We ran Bulk Deletion Job to … Continue reading "How to – Free up File Usage – Dataverse Storage Capacity (Dynamics 365 / CRM)"
  38. Recently we noticed File usage of some of our environments reaching around 50 GB, and most of it was because of the AsyncOperation table. So to quickly delete the AscyncOperation records the option we can choose is – Create a new Bulk Record Deletion job from Settings >> Data Management Select System Jobs table and … Continue reading "How to – Immediately (sync)bulk delete AsyncOperation or Workflow System Job records in Dataverse (Dynamics 365 / CRM)"
  39. Just a short one – As the error message suggests “An application user’s access mode cannot be changed “, it is not possible to change the Access mode of an application user from Non-interactive to either administrative or Read-write. While trying to change the Application User’s Access Mode to Read-Write, the error message – Get … Continue reading "Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: An application user’s access mode cannot be changed error in Dataverse (Dynamics 365 / CRM)"
  40. At times we may have a requirement to update the format of the Auto Number dynamically / programmatically so that the new set of records take up the new format. Let us understand through a simple example. Right now for the below field, we have the auto-number format set as {SEQNUM:4} Below is the sample … Continue reading "Sample Code – Update format of Autonumber attribute in Dataverse (Dynamics 365 / CRM)"
  41. Power Apps grid control is a new read-only control, now auto-enabled as part of 2022 Release Wave 1 for Model-driven apps. We can also enable it by navigating to Customization, selecting the entity, then the Controls tab, and clicking on Add Control option. Select the Power Apps Grid control. Here we have enabled it for … Continue reading "Power Apps grid control in Model-driven apps (Dynamics 365 / CRM)"
  42. Let us have a quick look at this new feature introduced as part of 2022 Release Wave 1. Make sure we have updated the environment to 2022 Release Wave 1. Then navigate to [Environment] >> Settings >> Features Switch On – Modern Advanced Find and Allow users to hide system view  Reset Default View is the … Continue reading "Manage and share views in Modern Advanced Find – Dataverse (Dynamics 365 / CRM)"
  43. In the earlier posts, we set up the trial of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, configured our data sources, one from Microsoft Dataverse and the other from a local excel file. In this post, we will unify the contact in our different data sources and create the Customer Profile. Navigate to Unify, and … Continue reading "How to – Unify (Map, Match and Merge) Entities in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights"
  44. Continuing our previous posts, Set up Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Trial Import Data from Dataverse here we will import the contact records from a local excel file. Navigate to Data >> Data Sources and click on Add data source This time we will select the import method as Microsoft Power Query Select Excel Workbook as the … Continue reading "How to – Import Data from local data files to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights"
  45. Suppose we have the following Autonumber field created with Seed value – 1000 and Format – {SEQNUM:4} Now based on a certain requirement, we want to dynamically / programmatically update / reset the seed value. For this, we can make use SetAutoNumberSeed Action Below we can see the auto number set as 1007 on creating … Continue reading "How to – Use SetAutoNumberSeed Action to reset/update the seed for the Autonumber attribute – DataVerse (Dynamics 365 / CRM)"
  46. Recently my laptop started making lot of noise continuously, for no obvious reason (it was not getting heated). One solution that helped a lot was to set Fan Always On = Disabled in System Configuration setting in the BIOS Setup. Also came to know about this wonderful utility – And lastly cleaning the dust … Continue reading "Fixed- Noisy Fan in Windows 10 / 11"
  47. While trying to delete a data source we might below error if we have already used it for Match and Merge for defining the customer profile. “Couldn’t delete data source. To process, remove its entities from: Match, Merge.” Click on Enrichment Navigate to Match. Here also we cannot remove the entities in Unify as we … Continue reading "How to – Delete Data Source in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights"
  48. Recently we saw a new update in our sandbox environments with regards to Audits. Login to Power Platform Admin Center, select an environment. We can see a new section Auditing added. Click on Delete logs allows us to – Delete logs by Table We can select the tables there. Delete only access logs data. Delete … Continue reading "How to – Delete Audit data by entity / table, date, user access, and specify retention duration – updates in Dataverse (Dynamics 365 / CRM)"
  49. We might get the below error while trying to add Microsoft Dataverse Data source in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. “Coundn’t add resource. Microsoft Dataverse is in use” As the error message indicates, this is because we have an already existing data source connected to that same organization. We can edit the Data Source and can … Continue reading "Couldn’t add resource. Microsoft Dataverse is in use error in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights"
  50. In the last post, we had set up the trial version of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Currently, our trial instance has no data. We can ingest data into Dynamics 365 Customer Insights from Microsoft Dataverse either using Microsoft Power Query (Dataverse Connector) or Microsoft Dataverse import method. The Microsoft Dataverse import method doesn’t copy … Continue reading "How to – Import Data from Dataverse / CRM to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights"
  51. Originally posted on Mohsin Khalid:
    Since Microsoft came out with their new licensing around the Power platform breaking the power apps licenses and power automate licenses apart there has been a lot of questions in the community forums and generally on how are power automates getting licensed. Short answer to that question is there are…
  52. Originally posted on D365 Demystified:
    If you ever wanted to refine your Personal Settings and ever came across this setting that asks your to set the default mode in Advanced Find But didn’t observe the Advanced Find well? Here’s what it does Simple Mode As per Advanced Find behavior, the view which you are on…
  53. Originally posted on Carina M. Claesson:
    Today Release Notes for 2022 Release Wave 1 were made available. In this post I will summarize my first impressions and focus will be on Power Apps and Power Automate, but there are also new features from other areas that I will highlight. Here are links to the Power…
  54. set up the trial of Customer Insights, open the Dynamics 365 Free Trial Page and scroll down to Dynamics 365 Customer Data Platform section Click on Try for free Sign in with your work account or the Dynamics 365 trial account created and click on Get Started As a first step, it asks … Continue reading "How to – Set up Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Trial"
  55. We can use RetrieveAttributeChangeHistoryRequest to get the change history of a particular field / attribute of a record. We need to set the Target and the AttributeLogicalName property of the request. AuditDetails records of the RetrieveAttributeChangeHistoryResponse contains the detail of the audit records. The Audit History records in CRM-  AttributeAuditDetail contains the details of the … Continue reading "How to – Use RetrieveAttributeChangeHistoryRequest to get audit data for an attribute (Dataverse/ Dynamics 365/ CRM)"
  56. Originally posted on Tech Wizard:
    I am writing this small post to share the cool feature that has been introduced last year in Exchange online. This is sometimes required and some platforms on the internet was having this facility from some time now. Now this is available in office 365 as well so enterprises can…
  57. Let us take a simple example to understand the usage of the Do unit with Delay control in Power Automate. “When a Case Record’s Priority is updated to High until the case is resolved we want to perform certain action e.g. send a notification email or call an action etc. every 2 minutes or so.” … Continue reading "How to – Use Do until and Delay in Power Automate"
  58. While testing one of the flows which was having “Do until” action in it, we ran across the below error. Error – Flow run timed out. Please try again. However, while navigating to the run history we can still see the flow running, and has run for over 30 minutes. That’s the default behavior. Refer … Continue reading "Solved – Flow run timed out. Please try again in Power Automate (Microsoft Flow)"
  59. Originally posted on Power Melange:
    Hello everyone! I am back with another tiny Power Mantra which we should follow while making Power Automate Flows.Say, we have a scenario where we are updating a row in Dataverse with certain dynamic values but what if those Dynamic Values are not present during the Flow Run. Thus we…
  60. At times we need to quickly generate sample data for some of our development, testing, reports needs. Through we can do it in matter of seconds. Just select the data / types and the format and click on Generate For e.g. we have selected Name, Phone, Email, Country type and CSV as the data … Continue reading "How to – Quickly generate sample data"
  61. You might know about self-service, considering you are here to read this article. Thanks to that revolutionary feature, we don’t have to take on the traditional approach – calling the customer support agent to cancel or track an order. Not only this, it has become a crucial part considering 88 percent of US respondents want … Continue reading "Getting Started with Dynamics 365 Web Portals"
  62. Originally posted on Vrushali's Techno Blog:
    When we talk about Business Process flow (BPF) , there are lot of questions : How does it operate, how is it stored in D365? Does it create a a background entity which can be modified? A BPF creates a background entity when the BPF is actually validated.…
  63. Through the Power Platform admin center, the administrator can control who can create an environment in the Power Platform. Click on Gear Icon >> Power Platform settings There we can specify who can create production and sandbox environments & trial environments. Let us set it as Only specific admins and save the settings. With this … Continue reading "How to – manage who can create environments in Power Platform"
  64. The setting – AlwaysMoveRecordToOwnerBusinessUnit allows us to move a user to another business unit without moving all his owned records to that unit. This makes sure that other users in the new business unit cannot access the user’s records from his previous business unit (unless they have organization-level access / or have a role in … Continue reading "How to – Use AlwaysMoveRecordToOwnerBusinessUnit setting in Dynamics 365 / PowerApps/ Dataverse"
  65. When we change the user’s business unit, all the current security roles of the users are removed and we need to assign the roles again to the user. This has always been the default behavior.  Also check – Modernize Business Units – For E.g. below user User 2 belongs to Business Unit – BU … Continue reading "How to – change user’s business unit without removing the security roles in Dynamics 365 / PowerApps (EnableOwnershipAcrossBusinessUnits setting)"
  66. To enable this preview feature, log in to the Power Platform admin center, switch on the Environment >> Settings >> Features >> Record ownership across business units (Preview) It took around 5 minutes to enable. Now let us say we have a BU structure like below. And custom security roles with BU level access to … Continue reading "Modernize Business Units / Matrix data access structure -Record ownership across business units (Preview) in Dynamics 365 / Dataverse"
  67. Originally posted on Vrushali's Techno Blog:
    Customer service management may require different type of attentions and monitoring depending on parameters such as the different types of customer, priority, different products or services, different subscription levels (regular, premium customers), various activity categories, different geography etc. Defining Queues is helpful to organize, monitor and prioritize the…
  68. Originally posted on Clavin's Blog:
    In this blog post, we will Invoke a Power Automate from Dynamics 365 Or Model-Driven Apps using Form Scripts. Scenario A person fills up the Form and saves it in the Model-Driven app. The Script captures the items(column) values, passes the values to Power Automate which generates a PDF,…
  69. To enable the Collaboration preview feature, log in to the Power Platform Administration Center, select the Environment >> Settings >> Features >> Collaboration Currently, the following entities are supported – Case, Contact, Account, and Opportunity. Enabling this feature adds a new section in the command bar for the records, that allows us to see the … Continue reading "Modern link sharing UI, co-presence, online status (preview) in the model-driven app (Dynamics 365)"
  70. With a recent update to the platform, now we can use Power BI quick report (preview) on the view page in a model-driven app, to visualize the data. To enable the feature, open the model-driven app in the modern app designer. Here we are opening the Customer Service Hub app in the modern app designer. … Continue reading "Quickly visualize the VIEW data using Power BI quick report (preview) in Dynamics 365 / Power Apps"
  71. Originally posted on XRM Tricks (Power Platform & Dynamics CRM ):
    Merging records on Dynamics 365 CRM is a very powerful feature that prevents duplicate records. I was asked to study this feature for a client who wanted to clean up his customer records, and we reached a point where we had to merge accounts that…
  72. What are Queues? Queues are containers to store, organize, prioritize and monitor the progress of work items or queue items. Which entity/table can be enabled for the queues? All customizable entities can be enabled for queues. Below we are enabling it for the lead entity. Enabling it for the lead now allows lead records to … Continue reading "Understanding Queues in Dynamics 365 Customer Service (refresher)"
  73. Originally posted on CRM Keeper:
    This post is a part of a series of posts for Customer Service. The complete GUIDE can be found hereI assume you have a Dynamics Environment at this point. Exchange Open – login with the credentials you got from the trial, or make sure you are a Global Admin…
  74. A new comments (preview) feature has been added recently in the Modern App Designer Modern App Designer – To see it in action, open an existing app or create a new app using the Modern App Designer. We can see the Comments (preview) options in the toolbar. Comments allow us to add notes, discuss … Continue reading "Collaborate using Comments (preview) in Modern App Designer – Power Apps / Dynamics 365"
  75. Originally posted on MSDYNAMICSBLOG BY DEEPESH:
    Pre-requisites: Should have “Customer Service Hub” app installed in your tenant Add out of box “Case” entity in your solution Create a custom lookup field (Lookup to Queue) titled as “Queue” under Case entity and place it on “Case for interactive experience” form Requirement: The Queue to which Case…
  76. Recently while testing a flow we got the below error message The API version ” is not valid for provider ‘Microsoft.BusinessAppPlatform’ The supported list of API versions are: ‘2016-02-01, 2016-11-01, 2018-01-01, 2018-10-01, 2019-05-01, 2019-10-01, 2020-04-01, 2020-05-01, 2020-06-01, 2020-08-01, 2020-09-01, 2020-10-01, 2021-03-01, 2021-04-01, 2021-07-01’. API Version is as the name suggests is the version of the … Continue reading "Fixed – The API version ” is not valid for provider ‘Microsoft.BusinessAppPlatform’ – Action ‘Force_Sync_user’ failed error – Power Automate"
  77. Sometimes it takes a long time for the users to appear in Dynamics 365, even though users have the appropriate licenses. E.g. here we have added user6 in Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Back in CRM, we do not see user 6 added. One way to add the user is through Force Sync User action of … Continue reading "The trick to force / trigger user sync – Power Platform / Dynamics 365"
  78. Recently in one of our trial environments, some of the users were not showing up in the Enabled Users view in Dynamics 365, although the users were having appropriate licenses assigned to them. (was more than 24 hours) In such a scenario we can use Force Sync user action of Power Platform Management Connector. … Continue reading "Using Force Sync User to sync PowerApp / CRM users – Power Platform / Dynamics 365"
  79. There are 2 ways to create a custom message in Dataverse, one is through action, and the other is through Custom API. Check the post on Custom API Custom Process Action vs Custom API – With custom process action we can define business logic using a workflow, and we can extend it … Continue reading "Using Custom Process Action with Code for integration – Dynamics 365 / Microsoft Dataverse"
  80. We had couple of actions created, but they were not appearing in the Plugin Registration Tool Plugin of XrmToolBox as shown below. Refreshing the plugin, re-connecting to the organization, republishing the action, etc. didn’t work. Eventually, we restarted the XrmToolBox and our messages started appearing. Could be something related to Metadata cache. Hope it helps..
  81. Recently while trying to set up Unified Routing, we got the below error. “Unified routing was unable to provision. Please try again or contact Microsoft Support” The user had the system administrator role and we already had the global administrator’s consent, which should be good enough to set up unified routing. We tried with different … Continue reading "Fixed – Unified routing was unable to provision error while trying to configure Unified routing"
  82. Recently while trying to set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing on an existing Dataverse environment, we got the below error. “We couldn’t load you user roles from the selected Dynamics 365 Organization. Please try again” The user had the system administrator role, which is good enough to set up marketing. We tried replicating the same … Continue reading "Fixed – We couldn’t load your user roles from the selected Dynamics 365 Organization error while trying to set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing"
  83. Originally posted on XRM Tricks (Power Platform & Dynamics CRM ):
    This blog will discuss new component added to Power Apps. It is about the “Settings” component. Indeed, this component allows adding a configuration layer for a model-driven application. This allows to easily activate or deactivate a feature for a model-driven app. For more information on…
  84. Originally posted on Temmy Wahyu Raharjo:
    In this blog post, I reviewed the Auto Number attribute that already can handle the common scenario. There is a way to give a simple conditional Auto Number from Nishant Rana that you can read here. But what if we want to implement a more complex scenario to generate the…
  85. Using the modern app designer either open an existing model-driven app or create a new model-driven app in Select Edit >> Edit in preview Select any entity/table and select the Edit command bar (preview) The different command bars that can be edited are the Main grid, main form, subgrid view, and the associated view. … Continue reading "How to – Use the new command designer to customize the command bar – Dynamics 365 / Power Apps"
  86. Originally posted on Temmy Wahyu Raharjo:
    I just saw Nishant Rana’s post about the auto-number data type that you can check here. And to be honest, I just knew about it and felt intrigued to test it. My expectation was pretty low about this data type (to handle lots of requests and result to duplicate numbers…
  87. We can use ExecuteWorkflowAction in the CDS/CRM Destination Component of KingswaySoft’s SSIS Integration Toolkit for Dynamics 365 to execute workflow and custom action. If there is no Destination Entity defined (left blank), Workflow/Action options will list down all the global action available On selecting a specific entity/table e.g. lead entity, it is listing down the … Continue reading "Use ExecuteWorkflowAction to call Action and Workflow in CDS Destination KingswaySoft – Dynamics 365 / Dataverse"
  88. Recently we had a requirement to use auto numbers for lead records. However, based on where the lead records are being created from, we wanted to specify a different prefix to it. For leads created manually, the format should be prefixed “L” followed by “– “and then 10 digit sequence number. L-{SEQNUM:10} And if created … Continue reading "Set Auto Number field value conditionally in Dynamics 365 / Dataverse"
  89. Recently we were getting the below error for one of our Flows. BadGateway. The request failed. Error code: ‘502’. Error Message: ‘BadGateway’. Everything seemed right. Finally, found (thanks to the forum) that the fix was to update the Approvals Administrator security role. Provide – Read Access to System Job inside Customization tab. Before – After – … Continue reading "Fixed – BadGateway. The request failed. Error code: ‘502’. Error Message: ‘BadGateway’ in PowerAutomate – Start and wait for an approval"
  90. Originally posted on Arun Potti's MS CRM blog:
    Collaborate with others in Model-driven Apps is a Preview feature in Dynamics 365 Online and which enables us to collaborate with colleagues and share links of the records with others. Actually the same feature is available in Microsoft Office products. In this article, will explain in…
  91. Within Power Platform Admin Center – (  through Environments >> [Name] >> Settings >> Behavior >> Lookup Behavior settings we can control the minimum number of characters entered before triggering the search in the and delay before the search is triggered for the lookups. Minimum number of characters to trigger typeahead search – Default (2) … Continue reading "Lookup Behavior – Minimum character to trigger search and delay between trigger – Dynamics 365"
  92. To configure Dynamics 365 Marketing in an existing Dataverse Environment – Login to Power Platform Admin Center Click on Dynamics 365 apps inside Resources If Dynamics 365 Marketing is not listed there, log in to Microsoft Admin Center and start the trial. We can see the product listed within Admin Center. Back in Power Platform … Continue reading "Step by step – Configure Dynamics 365 Marketing in a Dataverse Environment"
  93. Originally posted on D365 Demystified:
    Here’s a new feature across Power Platform stack i.e. Power Apps / Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate Comments Let’s consider an example of a Flow / Power Automate for the Comments In a Cloud Flow, now you’ll see a Comments (preview) show up. When you click on it, Comments…
  94. We recently implemented Approvals, and we required that any user in the tenant should be able to provide approval. For one of the users, we got the below error while testing the flow. UserNotMemberOfCdsSecurityGroup This was because we were using the Security Group to control access to Dataverse Environment. So adding the user to the … Continue reading "Assign approvals to any user in the Tenant – Power Automate"
  95. Recently we started getting the below error  suddenly in one of our environments for all the users. “You need a Microsoft Dynamics 365 license to continue. You do not have a license to use Microsoft Dynamics 365. Contact your Office 365 administrator to assign a Microsoft Dynamics 365 license to you.” The users had the … Continue reading "Fixed – You do not have a license to use Microsoft Dynamics 365"
  96. Can we convert the existing text field to the Auto Number field? Yes, e.g. we can update the Last Name attribute of the lead’s data type to be of Auto number from Text. Can we convert the auto number field back to the normal text field? Yes   Can the auto number field have duplicate … Continue reading "Few key points – Auto Number field in Dataverse (Dynamics 365 CE / CRM)"
  97. Originally posted on Pankaj Surti's Blog:
    Problem The Microsoft Flow Approvals connector does not support sending approval requests to groups today or distributed groups. To demonstrate the issue I have a sample distributed list (DL) group ‘SomeO365DLGroup’. The DL group has the following members. Members of the DL group Created a sample manually triggered…
  98. We would get the below error while using Approvals in Power Automate “BadRequest. The request failed. Error code: ‘InvalidApprovalCreateRequestAssignedToNoValidUsers’. Error Message: ‘Required field ‘assignedTo’ contained no valid users in the organization'” This error occurs if we are trying to send the approval to the user which doesn’t exist in the organization or to the external users. … Continue reading "Fixed – ‘InvalidApprovalCreateRequestAssignedToNoValidUsers’. Error Message: ‘Required field ‘assignedTo’ contained no valid users in the organization’."
  99. Originally posted on Prem's Dynamics 365 Blog:
    Dual-write is an out-of-box infrastructure that provides near-real-time interaction between model-driven apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Finance and Operations apps. When data about customers, products, people, and operations flows beyond application boundaries, all departments in an organization are empowered. Prerequisite: Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations &…
  100. The case entity/table in Dynamics 365 CE has a Boolean type field named Route Case. It has a default value as Yes. On manually creating the record from the user interface, although Route Case shows the default value as Yes On saving the record, the value changes to No, the field is also locked. So … Continue reading "Route Case (routecase) attribute and msdyn_ApplyRoutingRuleEntityRecord Action in Dynamics 365 Customer Service"
  101. We would get this error within Power Automate Approval Flow if we are using Security Group to control access to Dynamics 365 Environment and are sending Approval to a user who is not a member of that security group. Below is the User within the Tenant but is not member of the My CRM Group … Continue reading "Fixed – Error code: ‘UserNotMemberOfCdsSecurityGroup’. Error Message: ‘The user ‘xyz’ cannot be created in Microsoft Dataverse because the account is not a member of group ‘abc’"
  102. Originally posted on MSDYNAMICSBLOG BY DEEPESH:
    Microsoft has recently introduced a great feature which is the new cool way to search in Dataverse – Its termed as Dataverse search. How to enable it? Production environments: Enabled by default Non-Production environments: Navigate to Power platform Admin centre and you can enable the setting which is highlighted…
  103. DataSourceInfo function can be used to check the Table / Entity level permission. We can check for Create, Read, Edit, and Delete Permission and can disable, hide and show the corresponding create, edit and delete buttons for the users. DataSourceInfo.CreatePermission DataSourceInfo. DeletePermission DataSourceInfo. EditPermission DataSourceInfo. ReadPermission DataSourceInfo function can also be used to obtain information … Continue reading "Using DataSourceInfo and RecordInfo function for checking permissions for a Dataverse table or record in Canvas App"
  104. To highlight the selected item inside a gallery control, we can use its TemplateFill property. The default value is RGBA(0,0,0,0) Change it to If(ThisItem.IsSelected,RGBA(114, 189, 125, 1)) The result à Pick color from – Hope it helps..
  105. Recently our Azure Subscription using free credit had expired and we wanted to remove the card details associated with the billing. If we try to Detach it (and if the card is being used as the default payment), it will give us the below message Cost Management >> Payment Methods > > Detach “There are … Continue reading "Can’t delete billing profile. This is the only billing profile in the billing account- Azure (Trial)"
  106. Microsoft recently announced the public preview of the new solution explorer which will eventually be the default experience going forward. Earlier we could access it by visiting the – In the new experience, we can Enable / Disable the new Solution Explorer by toggling the Solution preview on The is how the existing solution … Continue reading "Updated Solution Explorer (Preview) experience in Dynamics 365"
  107. While trying to send an email using Send an email with options action in Power Automate to my email id from a trial account, got the access denied error message. Check out the wonderful post on sending Approval Emails to external users The error message – The cause of this issue was because we … Continue reading "Fixed – Remote Server returned ‘550 5.7.708 Service unavailable. Access denied, traffic not accepted from this IP – using Send Email with Option in Power Automate"
  108. File Data Type was introduced somewhere around late 2019. At that time, it was only available for Canvas App and Power Automate / Flow, and with subsequent updates, it was then added for Model Driven App as well. The File Data type while creating the column à By default, the file size is 32,768 … Continue reading "How to – Use File and Image Data Type in Dataverse (Dynamics 365)"
  109. Recently we were working on Canvas Apps so thought of listing down some of the key points for quick reference Use Items property for defining values for Drop Down and Combo Box. Items = [“Branch”,”Country”] Use DefaultSelectedItems for Setting Default values for Combo Box. DefaultSelectedItems = [“Branch”] To disable multiple selections for Combo Box set … Continue reading "Canvas App – Quick Reference"
  110. We recently exceeded log storage capacity for our Power Platform environment We can check the same at Resources >> Capacity inside the Power Platform admin center. One of the sandbox environments had the most Log Usage We deleted the plugin trace logs and all the audit partitions (except the active/current one, which the system … Continue reading "Delete the current (active) partition in Audit – Dynamics 365"
  111. Let us have a look at the different options provided in the Email Tab for Tracking and Automatic creation of records. Also check – Select Personalization Settings in the Settings icon within the app. Select Email tab within Set Personal Options Dialog box. Select the email messages to track in Microsoft Dynamics 365 option … Continue reading "Tracking email and automatic record creation – Personal Options in Dynamics 365"
  112. Just sharing a simple example of using the RIGHT and LEFT functions to extract the required content from a particular column. E.g. we want to extract the name (FirstName, LastName, Mobile) from the below column in the Excel Here we can apply RIGHT(text, [num_chars]) function to first remove the characters <xs:element name=” i.e. 18 characters … Continue reading "Using RIGHT and LEFT string functions in Excel"
  113. Originally posted on Rajeev Pentyala - Microsoft Power Platform:
    Power Platform Tools for Visual Studio supports the rapid creation, debugging, and deployment of plug-ins. You may note that Power Platform Tools for Visual Studio is similar in appearance and function to the Developer Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. While Power Platform Tools for Visual…
  114. In the earlier post we looked at different ways of extracting Audit History data. Extract Audit History – We can use Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Center for the same, though it is limited to the Production environment only. Then we have Audit History Extractor, and we can also write SSIS Packages as well … Continue reading "Audit Entity / Table – Few key points (Dynamics 365 / Power Apps)"
  115. Originally posted on MG:
    Have you ever been presented with a weird permission issue but you were unable to really get what is the real permission issue is and wonder why life sometimes is too complicated? You do not have {0} permissions to access {1} records. It would be very simple and approachable if you…
  116. To enable the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration with Dynamics 365 Sales, navigate to App Settings >> General Settings >> LinkedIn Integration and click on Enable LinkedIn Integration We can do the same from System Settings >> Business Management >> LinkedIn Sales Navigator Click on continue to install the LinkedIn Sales Navigator LinkedIn Sales Navigator solution … Continue reading "Step by step – LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration with Dynamics 365 Sales"
  117. It becomes difficult to find and select the appropriate subject if there are too many subjects defined as one has to manually traverse across the subject tree hierarchy. Also, check – Differences between Subject and Category Entity We now have new subject control introduced as part of 2021 Release Wave 2 It allows for easy … Continue reading "New Subject Control for the subject entity in Dynamics 365 Customer Service (2021 Release Wave 2)"
  118. Prepared a mind map on Dynamics 365 Field Service for quick reference. Access it here (recommended) Download the .png format Refer the content here –
  119. Setup the free trial of Dynamics 365 Field Service Security Roles Below are the roles specific to Dynamics 365 Field Service app. Field Service – Administrator = The user with full rights on Field Service Entities. Field Service – Dispatcher = The users who will create, assign, and schedule Work Orders. Field Service – … Continue reading "Quick Reference – Dynamics 365 Field Service"
  120. Originally posted on Ajit Patra:
    In this blog, we’ll see how to create custom API in maker portal and write plugin to implement it. We’ll take the example of refreshing roll up field on demand. This API will take 3 parameters: TargetEntity: Name of the entity containing the roll up field TargetId: GUID of the…
  121. [Visual Guide to Azure Data Factory -] Using the new Azure Data Factory pipeline template – Copy Dataverse data from Azure Data Lake to Azure SQL – we can now easily export the Dataverse data to Azure SQL Database. Check other posts on Azure Data Factory Select Pipeline from template option inside the … Continue reading "How to – Export Dataverse (Dynamics 365) data to Azure SQL using Azure Data Factory pipeline template"
  122. Originally posted on KKIT365:
    Remember the time you needed to add a column to a view but were worried about spoiling the layering of the solutions so ended up using the Advance find to edit columns and create a personal view ? Well say goodbye to this problem now !! Microsoft has made things so…
  123. Using the Capacity page in the Power Platform Admin Center we can extract the details of size occupied by table (in MB) within a particular environment. Login to the admin portal and navigate to Capacity Select the Dataverse tab and click on Details or in case of trial click on the Trial tab Here … Continue reading "How to – Get the size of tables in Dataverse / Dynamics 365"
  124. While trying to add a new Trial (subscription-based) on a Dynamics 365 Trial environment, we were getting the below error Currently, Dynamics 365 apps can only be enabled for your default region The default region was UAE for the other environments  Even for the Azure Synapse Link – it was showing the default region as … Continue reading "Solved- Currently, Dynamics 365 apps can only be enabled for your default region error"
  125. Recently we had to delete records for one of our entities, and we tried out different combinations of batch sizes and the number of threads with 25000 records as a sample to find the optimum setting. Below is our sample SSIS Package (uses KingswaySoft Dynamics 365 Tool Kit), it retrieves 25000 record’s GUID (Contact table … Continue reading "How to – Optimize Delete operation – Dataverse / Dynamics 365"
  126. Approvals App for Teams was introduced early this year. To see it in action, let us start by first adding the Approval app in Teams. Search for the app. And click on Add. The Approval app shows all the Approvals Received and Sent within teams, which can be filtered based on status. We can also … Continue reading "Approvals in Microsoft Teams / Power Automate"
  127. We were getting the below error while trying to set the Items property of the Gallery control and were using Filters in the formula. “The requested operation is invalid. Server Response: Sectors failed: No function signature for the function with name ‘contains’ matches the specified arguments. The function signatures considered are: contains(Edm.String Nullable=True, Edm.String Nullable=true).” … Continue reading "Solved– No function signature for the function with name ‘contains’ matches the specified arguments in Canvas Apps"
  128. For creating multi-table lookup we already have an XrmToolBox plugin Polymorphic Lookup Creator which we should be using ideally, but in case somebody wants to try it out, the below shared sample code can be referred. Below is our custom table named mycustomtable to which we’d add a multi-table lookup which references case, contact and … Continue reading "Sample code (C#) for Multi-Table Lookup / Polymorphic Lookup attribute in Dataverse / Dynamics 365"
  129. At times we want to quickly try out few things (PoC) by writing a console application or running an SSIS package etc., there we can use the sample ClientId and RedirectUri provided by Microsoft, instead of registering the application in Azure AD / creating Application User  Sample AppId or ClientId = 51f81489-12ee-4a9e-aaae-a2591f45987d Sample RedirectUri = … Continue reading "Sample AppId / ClientId and RedirectUri for quick prototyping (Dataverse / Dynamics 365)"
  130. Let us take a simple example, to see the steps involved. Here we will be manually triggering a flow, getting the token, and calling the WhoAmI request in Microsoft Dataverse / Dynamics 365. This is how our final Flow looks like. Inside the first HTTP action, we are calling OAuth 2.0 token endpoint v1. We … Continue reading "How to – use HTTP Action to call DataVerse / Dynamics 365 Web API in Power Automate"
  131. We recently were asked to check the possibility of updating the SYSTEM user specifically the primary email field of it. Usually, we use SYSTEM user to specify the plugin’s execution context for business requirements that needs elevation of privileges. And also we can neither update it from the user interface nor it is recommended … Continue reading "Can we update ‘SYSTEM’ user in Dynamics 365 / Dataverse?"
  132. Originally posted on D365 Demystified:
    Retrieving OptionSet Labels from CDS data in a Cloud Flow / Power Automate / Flow is an extra step than just picking from the Dynamic Values. Check this post!! Scenario While working with data that is either a result of a Dataverse Trigger (on Create/Update) or Action like (Get record,…
  133. Originally posted on Rajeev Pentyala - Microsoft Power Platform:
    In this post, lets see how to build a Canvas App with data from on-premise SQL Server. Using Gateways ,data can be transferred quickly and securely between a canvas app and an on-premises data source, such as an on-premises SQL Server database or an on-premises SharePoint site. Lets…
  134. Recently we had a requirement to update the “Negative Currency Format” – Regional Options for all the users. We could not find this option in our favorite plugin – User Settings Utility. So to programmatically update it we use the below code. Or using our most favorite plugin – SQL 4 CDS Updating it to … Continue reading "Update Personal Options / Personalization Settings using UpdateUserSettingsSystemUser Request – Dynamics 365"
  135. Suppose we have the below Maker and Checker Canvas App, with two button one for raising the request and the other for approving and rejecting the request. We have below custom security roles created in our Dynamics 365 Maker Checker Here we want Submit a Request button to be visible only to users with Maker … Continue reading "How to – Hide and show controls in Canvas App based on security role of the user (Dataverse / Dynamics 365)"
  136. Was using a BenQ GW280T monitor, which I had bought 10 years back around December of 2011. AT the time of writing it is almost 10 years for it. The monitor had been working flawlessly till last month., when it suddenly started taking around 2-3 minutes to show the display. The main power button’s light … Continue reading "Fixed – Monitor taking too long to show display"
  137. With the new release, the CDS/CRM connection manager adds a new Interactive Login option in the CDS/CRM Connection Manager for Authentication Type as OAuth. Interactive login allows the user to log in using his account details (to establish the connection with CRM) without the need for registering the application in the Azure Active Directory. This … Continue reading "Interactive login option in CDS/CRM Connection Manager in KingswaySoft Dynamics 365 Integration Toolkit"
  138. A new feature recently added in the platform is the capability for the Power Platform administrators to see different operations performed in the environment. Log in to Admin Center and select an the appropriate environment Select History or select Full History from the Recent Operation section For e.g. we can see the below details listed … Continue reading "Environment History in Power Platform Administration Center"
  139. The duplicate detection/merge feature has been optimized in the platform and now uses the new interface replacing the legacy web client. The legacy experience – The enhanced experience – now with merge option. Merge allows to select up to 2 records to merge. Selecting more than 2 records to merge gives the below error. … Continue reading "How to – Enable parent check option during Merge – Dynamics 365"
  140. While trying to open a form for customization for a custom entity we were getting below error within the maker portal. The user was an admin user. The same was the case in both Chrome and Edge browsers. The only way we could proceed was by switching to classic experience. Switching to Classic worked After … Continue reading "Fixed – We are having trouble loading your form preview. Check to make sure you have access error in Power Apps"
  141. While configuring the Azure Synapse Link/ Export to Data Lake service, we were getting below error for one of the users. {“code”:”AuthorizationFailed”,”message”:”The client ‘’ with object id ‘d56d5fbb-0d46-4814-afaa-e429e5f252c8’ does not have authorization to perform action ‘Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments/write’ over scope ‘/subscriptions/30ed4d5c-4377-4df1-a341-8f801a7943ad/resourceGroups/RG/providers/Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/saazuredatalakecrm/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments/2eb81813-3b38-4b2e-bc14-f649263b5fcf’ or the scope is invalid. If access was recently granted, please refresh your credentials.”} The current … Continue reading "Fixed – AuthorizationFailed. The client with object id does not have authorization to perform action ‘’Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments/write’ over scope ‘storageaccount’ – Azure Data Lake"
  142. Originally posted on ReadyXRM:
    Despite all the cool stuff you can do with the Power Platform, one of my most popular blog posts is Set Up Your Workstation to Create SQL Server Reporting Services Reports for Dynamics 365. The post was likely popular because there were different components in the setup process and Microsoft never…
  143. To begin with, here we have already configured the Azure Synapse Link /Export to Data Lake service and have configured Account, Contact and User table for the sync. Check posts on Azure Synapse Link/  Export to Data Lake service: Let us now create the Power BI report on the exported data –> Sign in … Continue reading "Create Power BI Report to analyze Dataverse / Dynamics 365 data in Azure Data Lake"
  144. To enabled Advanced Lookup, log into to Power Platform Admin Center, navigate to Environment >> [Select Environment] >> Settings >> Behavior Enable the Lookup behavior and Save. This adds the Advanced Lookup option in the Lookup dialog. Clicking on it opens the Advanced Lookup Grid  We can perform SEARCH within a selected View, CHANGE a … Continue reading "How to – Use Advanced lookup in Model-driven Power Apps / Dynamics 365"
  145. Originally posted on XRM Tricks (Power Platform & Dynamics CRM ):
    Power Automate provides a standard solution to manage approvals in a Dataverse environment. Approval requests can be easily generated from cloud flows. Users have the ability to view and respond to approval requests from email, teams or the approval center which is accessible from the…
  146. Originally posted on ReadyXRM:
    Anyone who has been working with Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 at some point likely tried the Report Wizard. The Report Wizard was introduced in Dynamics CRM v4.0 as a way to quickly create ad-hoc reports. A video version of this blog post can be found on the 365.Training YouTube channel. Reports created…
  147. Azure Synapse Link (earlier known as Export to Data Lake Service) provides seamless integration of DataVerse with Azure Synapse Analytics, thus making it easy for users to do ad-hoc analysis using the familiar T-SQL with Synapse Studio, build Power BI Reports using Azure Synapse Analytics Connector or use Azure Spark in Azure Synapse for analytics. … Continue reading "How to setup – Azure Synapse Link – Microsoft Dataverse"
  148. In one of our projects, we were executing SSIS Packages (KingswaySoft’s Dynamics 365 SSIS Integration Toolkit) under Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory. Check out – Deploy and run SSIS Package in Azure Data Factory Deploy and run SSIS Packages that use KingswaySoft’s SSIS Integration Toolkit on Azure Data Factory. After trying out different … Continue reading "How to – improve data migration performance – SSIS & Azure Data Factory (Dataverse / Dynamics 365)"
  149. Originally posted on Ajit Patra:
    To enable Microsoft Teams in D365, Go to Settings –> Administration –> System Settings –> General Tab and flip the below highlighted options to Yes. Once done, we’ll be able to see Collaborate button on the ribbon as shown below. By default it’ll be enabled on several OOB entities as…
  150. Originally posted on Everything D365:
    I’m a huge fan of the Omni Channel Engagement Hub. You may have gathered this fact if you’ve read previous blogs, seen previous posts or watched me demo the product. I see the Omni Channel Engagement Hub as a game changer – it’s much easier to get up to speed…