Inogic - Microsoft Dynamics 365(crm) Tips And Tricks

By Inogic
  1. Gone are the days of hard work and labor, it’s now the age of smart work. And with technology and scientific advancement, everything has become possible. A decade ago, gamification of daily mundane tasks of the regular work cycle was unheard of. But now, Gamification has become the new norm. To improve employee engagement, motivate… Read More »
  2. Introduction: In this blog, we will learn how we can collaborate using Microsoft Teams chat. This feature allows us to chat within Dynamics 365 CRM and also allows us to link chats to our records without leaving the application. Linked chats to records help users to maintain all the chats associated with a record in… Read More »
  3. Let’s get it straight – Visualization is the best way to interpret and analyze data easily. And one of the factors that help in maintaining efficiency, productivity, and agility in business processes is seamless data visualization. This is why there is a need for robust visualization apps that help to interpret and analyze business data.… Read More »
  4. Introduction: The “Customer Service Insights” is now embedded in the Dynamics 365 customer service with the inbuilt AI capabilities. In the previous blog, we have already seen the “Customer service historical analytics” report which helps the service agents and managers to view historical analytics directly within the customer service. In this blog, we will have… Read More »
  5. Introduction: Microsoft has announced the release of Wave 2 where new features will be available for preview. In this blog, we will see one of the features of Dynamics 365 CRM – Duplicate lead detection. Most users already use existing duplicate lead detection however it only shows the alert message. In the latest duplicate lead… Read More »
  6. Introduction: In the Power Automate Flow, there was no option of Undo and even if we mistakenly delete something, there was no option to redo it. In April 2022 release wave 1, Microsoft introduced the feature that allows users to Undo/Redo their operations/actions in the cloud flows designer. Now, let’s explore this new feature! Given… Read More »
  7. Did you know that today over 91% of businesses use CRM as compared to 12% in the last decade? But the interesting fact is that most organizations use only 50% of their paid CRM features. This is because of a lack of proper training as adopting this advanced CRM application is a lot like learning… Read More »
  8. Introduction: Recently, I was exploring the ‘adding products PREVIEW’ feature which was introduced back in the 2020 release wave 1, with which enabled salespeople can add multiple products/lines to the opportunity/quote/order/invoice entities in one go. In the previous blog, we have already explored the enhanced experience of adding products for the opportunity, quote, order, and… Read More »
  9. Managing attachments/documents in Dynamics 365 CRM and ensuring the security of data stored in cloud services are crucial for the smooth function of business organizations. Because you never know when or what information you may need or the unknown risks that threaten the security of that information. So, what can be done to overcome such… Read More »
  10. Introduction: In the Microsoft 2022 release wave 1, many new features have been introduced. One such feature is – Power Apps (Preview) for Windows – which will help us to run model-driven apps or canvas apps on any of our Windows devices. Given below are the steps to configure and use the Power Apps (Preview)… Read More »