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  1. Nurturing your email subscribers takes a lot of work. So…what if we did it for you? Several months ago, we introduced our customers to our email marketing platform Nutshell Marketing. Since then, we’ve been working closely with our customers to better understand their email marketing needs and help unite their sales and marketing efforts. In […]

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  2. Marketing is the one thing every company does but nobody can agree on. A marketer could spend their time writing blog articles, designing marketing emails, recording podcasts, sharing content on social media, managing PPC channels, producing virtual events, gathering product feedback from customers…we could list a dozen more things and it would barely scratch the […]

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  3. We wanted to showcase some of the ways our customers are expertly (and beautifully) using Nutshell Marketing to reach audiences and drive business! Since being launched earlier this year, we are seeing more and more Nutshell CRM customers using our email marketing platform Nutshell Marketing to reach their audiences, measure engagement, and grow their business. […]

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  4. Proper email marketing allows companies to learn about and build relationships with their target audience, increase brand authority and customer loyalty, and boost revenue. In short, email marketing is an incredible channel that’s been proven, time and time again, to produce amazing ROI. But how does email perform with younger generations specifically? Do Millennials still […]

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  5. Email marketing can be captivating, persuasive, powerful, and a phenomenal tool for lead generation—if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to just slap words together and hit “send” without really thinking about what you’re saying. This approach may yield the occasional win. But for the most part, it leads to subpar results, […]

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  6. If you want to succeed with email—and let’s be real, who doesn’t want that?—you need to track important metrics like your open, click-through, and conversion rate. But there’s one metric that doesn’t get the love it deserves: the email response rate. In this article, we’ll discuss what email response rate is, the average rate across […]

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  7. This fall, when we all unwrap our batch of new emojis with iOS 15, we’ll also say goodbye to something that’s been in the marketer’s toolbox for 20 years: the open rate. Apple’s new Mail Privacy Protection feature eliminates the ability for email marketers to measure opens. iOS Mail currently makes up 40% of email […]

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  8. A typical sales organization has glass walls around each department, allowing each to gain insight, but not always allowing for communication or collaboration. A winning organization knocks those walls down completely—with CRM as the wrecking ball. Companies and people alike are shifting towards digital solutions to make everyday life easier. Slack conversations are often more […]

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  9. At Nutshell, we strive to create a workplace where anyone can feel welcome. Many members of our team didn’t come from traditional tech backgrounds, and applied for positions at Nutshell after spending their early careers in entirely different fields such as retail management, journalism, and domestic engineering. And that’s a good thing. We believe that […]

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  10. “Oh, your email ended up in my spam folder” is what email marketers and salespeople hear in their nightmares. Emails only suffer from deliverability issues for a few reasons and all of them are bad. If your emails are ending up in your recipients’ spam folders it means that your sales and marketing are having […]

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